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When disaster strikes at your property, and recovery becomes your immediate priority, you should consider help from a professional restorations company. These are skilled professionals who can help in emergency property restoration, whether after a fire, flood or sewage back up.

Either organised by your insurance company, or privately by an individual or business, restorations companies will manage and run recovery projects and ensure your work is covered and completed, before restoring your property to its former state.

Restoration describes the process of returning a property to its original condition, both structurally and cosmetically, especially after a disaster hits.

How Do Restoration Companies Work?

Restoration companies get a request from either a private individual or an insurance company. Then, depending on the situation, will send out a team of experts to assess any damage before creating a plan of restoration.For smaller cases, like a localised flood, work can often be completed in a matter of hours. But bigger issues like a house fire, or widespread damage, can take a lot longer to remedy.

When Can Restoration Companies Help?

Aside from restoring different property types, restoration companies will work across all verticals, from mould remediation to emergency flood repairs. A good restoration company won’t simply just decorate over damage, but instead they’ll put in remediation measures before restoring the property.

Here at Restorations [UK], we cover a range of disaster recovery options, including:

How Do Restoration Companies Work with Insurance?

There are two routes here.

Either your insurance company will liaise with a restorations company on your behalf, book them in for the work and pay upfront, or you will be required to find a restoration company, book them to do the work and pay them, before a pay-out from your claim is approved and paid back to you in full.There will be variations of this, and it can often depend on the policy you have for building/ contents/ or other relevant insurance.Restorations UK is able to provide reports, invoices and other documents that insurance companies require to ensure that your claim is processed well. It helps to understand the relationship between your insurance companies and restorations works, especially if it affects how long clean-up and recovery will take.

What is the Difference Between Restoration and Renovation?

Restoration focuses more on returning a property to it’s previous state after damage of any kind, whether that is fire, water or anything else. Restoration will not improve the aspects of the home and will instead remedy damage and other problems caused by disasters.Renovation, however, focuses more on improving or adding value to a home, other property or its environment. Often time value is added by new products or designs that changes the property for the better.

Tips on Working with a Restorations Company

When disaster strikes, speak to Restorations [UK] if you require restorations services to return your property back to normal. Get in touch today.