Hepa Air Scrubber for Hire

Hepa Air Scrubber for Hire

Cost Per Week: £154.00 (Ex VAT)

With a high efficiency air filtration system, the Hepa Air Scrubber clears the air of unwanted particles and odours. Great for flood and fire damage and a must for properties affected by mould.

Typical applications

  • Installation into properties affected by mould
  • Persons suffering from allergies by improving indoor air quality
  • Within challenging environments including restoration, cleaning and facilities management
  • For best results – combine with air movers to help promote evaporation – the key to successful drying

Key Features

  • Weight: 19.9 KG
  • Air Movement per hour: 713M3/hour
  • Supply voltage: 230V

Technician’s Review & Prices

If you are worried about health issues whilst being affected by water or fire damage this machine filters contaminants and mould spores from the air.

Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT and are for a minimum hire period of 7 days.

All equipment is subject to a minimum hire charge of £87.50 + VAT which includes delivery, survey, set up and collection.

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