Large Low Grain Dehumidifier for Hire

Large Low Grain Dehumidifier for Hire

Cost Per Week: £145.00 (Ex VAT)

The latest technology in fast drying (low grain dehumidification) continues drying at lower humidity levels. A favourite with restoration specialists.

Typical applications

  • Drying Flooded offices, hotels and homes
  • New build structural drying
  • Renovation Drying
  • Low Grain Faster drying

For best results – combine with air movers to help promote evaporation – the key to successful drying.

Humidity Control

  • Domestic and commercial humidity control
  • Controlling humidity in gyms & server rooms, offices, shops etc.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 33.5in x 20.7in x 20.7in 
  • Use Weight: 92 lb | 42 kg 
  • Water Removal: Max 56.7 liters/day (90°F 119.8 pints/day/90% RH)   
  • Water Removal AHAM: 33 liters/day (80°F    70 pints/day/60%RH)      
  • Operating Range: 33°–100°F  1°–38°C 
  • Compressor Type: 5595 Rotary 
  • Defrost Type: Hot-gas bypass 
  • Process Air: 160 CFM 
  • Controls Electronic: Touchpad 
  • Water Pump-Out: Centrifugal 
  • Drain Hose Length: 40 ft 
  • Air Filter HAF (High Airflow Filters) 
  • Wheels: Semi-pneumatic 
  • Handle: Steel, fold-down 
  • Housing: Rotomolded polyethylene 
  • Power: 115V     5 amps 
  • Cord Length: 25 foot 

Technicians Review

Great machine for drying properties faster without having to completely strip them out as this machine gets the humidity far lower than a conventional dehumidifier. This machine lowers the humidity to 20% for faster drying. 

Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT and are for a minimum hire period of 7 days. 

All equipment is subject to a minimum hire charge.

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