Velo Pro Low Profile Airmover for Hire

Velo Pro Low Profile Airmover for Hire

Cost Per Week: £60.00 (Ex VAT)

The Velo Pro Low Profile Airmover offers true portability and professional performance. Stackable up to five high, the Velo delivers rugged reliability, easy maintenance, and high performance. This airmover has four operating positions for maximum flexibility and lower power consumption than comparable products.

Typical applications

  • Drying carpets 
  • Upholstery 
  • Soft furnishings 
  • Flooring 
  • Screeds Walls
  • Ceilings 
  • Plaster

Key Features

  • Weight: 36 KG
  • Max Water removal per 24 Hr: 55 Litres per 24 Hours
  • Lowers Humidity Levels to: 40% RH
  • Air Movement per hour: 325M3/hour
  • Power consumption: 0.69KW/hour
  • Supply voltage: 230V

Technician’s Review & Prices

Best equipment for the drying of carpets and furnishings along with speeding up airflow whilst drying (which is a must). 

Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT and are for a minimum hire period of 7 days. 

All equipment is subject to a minimum hire charge.

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